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RFQ Form

There are two main sections of the RFQ form. The first is the part numbers and quantities section and the second is the contact information. It is important that this information is entered so that we can serve you well and expediently.

For the quantities, please enter the quantity or quantity ranges you wish to be quoted. If you are unsure and wish to talk to a sales engineer about your quantity needs, you may leave the quantities blank.

In the contact information section, please at a minimum enter your company name, your name, telephone number and email address. This will insure that we will be able to contact you about this RFQ. Have no fear of your name being sold or given to a third party for Smiths Interconnect will never give this information to another company nor use it for unsolicited sales contact.

Once you have entered all the information necessary, press the "Request Quote" button and the information will be sent to a Smiths Interconnect Sales Engineer who will contact you shortly afterwards.